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Cal Clubs Reunion 2021

Mark Mayuga, President JOCLA | Published on 11/9/2021


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          The CalClubsReunion 2021 was a terrific success and if you missed it, well, you missed a great time with some wonderful people and terrific driving events. I want to firstly thank Clive Collins, owner of XKS MOTORSPORT, for being a generous event sponsor and providing food and drink for the Thursday Reception and the E-Type Anniversary Wine Glasses, Sherri who set-up the reception event at the La Serena Hotel and the Hemingway Vineyard, Bill Watson and his band appropriately named “LUCAS and the PRINCES of DARKNESS”, for their musical entertainment at the HEMINGWAY VINEYARD luncheon.


          What’s great about the XKS MOTORSPORT Team is they pitched-in and did some of the heavy lifting for me. Clive ran check-out rides on the routes that I had selected. He also followed-up on the wineries to make sure their facilities were able to handle our large group. I have to say I was very impressed that XKS was more than just a money sponsor, they also got in there and interfaced with the vineyards, set-up the food at the reception, and did some of the step-and-fetch for me in PASO ROBLES and MORRO BAY.A hearty well done to you all for your efforts and support!


          The CalClubsReunion 2021 started out with a reception at the La Serena hotel outdoor patio and community room where there was lots of Mexican tasty mini burritos, taquitos, guacamole, and Agave Margarita’s mixed by yours truly, all Treats, Wine and Beer provided by XKS MOTORSPORT and club members. It was a rousing event with old friends and new one’s meeting after our COVID-19 challenges and you could tell that everyone was ready for a goodtime.


          I reviewed the SCHEDULE OF EVENTS for the entire weekend and described some of the tasty choices of restaurants available just a few feet away from the hotel. We had over 45 JAGUARS in attendance with a few Austin Healey’s, LAND ROVERS, and an ASTON MARTIN. participating the weekend driving events. E-TYPES series 1, 2, and 3 were represented, F-Types, XKR/XK8’s, a very rare XJ6C, XF, XJ8, XK-150, XK-120, D-TYPE replica, XJ350, and my XJS ROUGE rounding up the herd of Cats. Also, there was an Austin Healey BN1 (100), BJ8 Mk3, LAND ROVER, and ASTON MARTIN DB9 coupe were included.


          The Rally and Tour to the HEMINGWAY VINEYARD included some wonderful driving roads, twisty bits, fast long straights, fast corners, high and low speed sections, all the while enjoying the countryside scenery of the California Central Coast and Wine Country of Paso Robles in Fall. The HEMINGWAY VINEYARD was a wonderful choice for lunch. They provided a terrific menu of tasty Central Coast specialties, their tri-tip was perfect, and their pizzas were wonderful with a perfect thin crust, fresh ingredients grown in the winery vegetable garden. The cars were displayed around a green roundabout, and everyone was invited to vote for their favorite, Oldest, Middle-Aged, and Youngest car. The Winning cars were a XK-150 DHC, XJS ROUGE Coupe, and a F-TYPE Coupe. The “Band” played some familiar old tunes from the 60’s, 70’s with Bill Watson on Drums! That guy can really beat those skins!


          Clive Collins organized a “Cricket Match” demonstration, that was fun, no one got terribly bored, lots of laughs and the girls really did a good job of beating the boys at bat! All in all, folks enjoyed the luncheon, the car display, music, the winery menu, and wine tastings. That evening we went to the “DOCKSIDE TOO” FISH and OYSTER BAR Market where we feasted on just caught seafood and locally grown oysters, tasty!


          Saturday Morning found us once again gathered for a “drivers meeting”. We had to make few corrections on the route, minor changes caught by some of the more competitive drivers. Once again, the routes were laid out to feature the CENTRAL COAST terrain with lots of gentle curves, hills, straights, and oak trees abound between the vineyards. I took a special “speed group” of 5 cars through a fast route to the LONG BRANCH SALOON. We were the last to leave, the route was CA HWY 41, we average 85 MPH to CA HWY 229, arriving just as the first cars to leave arrived. Being naughty was fun and no one got caught by the SMOKEY BEAR! Tri-Tip Sandwich was on the menu with salad, home made potato chips. We had a meeting to discuss the 2022 CalClubsReunion and Nedra Rummell got volunteered along with the San Diego Jaguar Club to stage the 2022 event. They were talking about SOLVANG and SANTA YNEZ Valley as the next location. Sounds like Nedra has taken charge as usual!


          The gang hot-footed up to the ESTRELLA WARBIRDS MUSEUM and WOODLAND CAR COLLECTION via another wonderful road that included those Whoopsie-Do’s and long straights. The ESTRELLA was a fantastic collection of WW1, WW2, KOREAN, and Vietnam war memorabilia, model airplanes and ships, uniforms, rifles, and airplanes. There was also a collection of US ARMY armored vehicles, tanks, and a feature of the actual RED BALL EXPRESS trucks and history of those men who kept the 3RD ARMY supplied, hero’s, indeed. The WOODLAND CAR COLLECTION featured old dirt track racers, quarter midget race cars, NASCAR, Crosley, ALLARD, and other American Iron on four wheels. We all returned to the La Serena hotel where the JAGUAR ASSOCIATE GROUP (NORTHERN CALIFORNIA JCNA members) hosted a lively and noisy reception. All attending were well lubricated with the days wine purchases and tasty nibbles. The party started at 5:00 and wrapped up around 7:30. Folks went to their favorite eatery to enjoy the last few hours of a very successful weekend of spirited driving, wine tastings, good conversations, new friends, lasting memories, and comradery.


Nedra Rummell was heard saying “wait till next year! We’re going to blow the socks off you guys!” And she probably will, too! Thanks to all who attended, contributed, and enjoyed the Reunion. It would have not been so successful had you not come! And a Well Done to XKS MOTORSPORT for their sponsorship, help, and being part of this wonderful event, glade you do what you do!!! Real people for sure.


Cheers, Mark Mayuga SWRD


Chairman 2021 CaLClubsReunion, MORRO BAY