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There are two steps to subscribe to the electronic Jaguar Journal. The steps are:

  1. Create an account on the Zinio delivery system and
  2. Register on JCNA.COM for an electronic subscription.


Create an account on ZInio:

  • Zinio uses e-mails to deliver content notifications and access to the Zinio system.
  • On your browser visit
  • On the Zinio home screen click on the icon in the upper right of the panel.
  • Register your Zinio account on the popup panel. The userid is the email which you will be notified on new editions.


    Register for an electronic subscription on

  • Visit JCNA.COM using a browser and click on LOGIN (MUST BE CLUB OR JCNA MEMBER)
  • Log in JCNA.COM using your JCNA Member number and JCNA.COM password. (If you have forgotten your password use the Password Recovery option)
  • Once logged into JCNA.COM, click on MEMBERS ONLY SECTION on the left.
  • Use the SUBSCRIPTION TYPE pulldown to select Electronic Jag Journal
  • Enter you Zinio account Email in the SUBSCRIPTION EMAIL box and enter this a second time in the CONFIRM EMAIL box. Note: (JCNA does NOT need the Zinio Account Password).
  • Click SAVE to update the information in JCNA.COM


Reading the Electronic Jaguar Journal

  • When each Jaguar Journal edition is published on Zinio, subscribed members will receive an e-mail notification to their Zinio registered e-mail. A click on the link in the message will take you to WWW.ZINIO.COM
  • Shortly after the Zinio notification a second email will be sent from JCNA with the current Member card and any white JJ flysheet content.
  • Members can access Zinio from their browser and/or phone and can access all subscribed editions.


Unsubscribing from Electronic Jaguar Journal

  • Visit JCNA.COM and use the above procedure set SUBCRIPTION TYPE to HARDCOPY


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