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Monterey 2021

Text Paul McNabb Photography Julia Yelvington | Published on 10/5/2021

Monterey 2021

Monterey had much of interest to Jaguar lovers this year. Beginning with the Gooding & Company auction, a 1965 E-type OTS, chassis 1E10437, restored by marque expert Images Autobody, estimated to sell at $180-220 but with a note on the windshield stating a problem with the drive train that would need attention, sold for a staggering $346,000. Not to be outdone, a 1964 FHC, chassis 890630, estimated at $140-160K followed at $318,500. Finally, a 1965 OTS, chassis 1E11687, a one family owned completely restored car brought $168,000. Gooding sold 87% of the cars that crossed the stage.


RM Sotheby’s sold 90% of the cars for the week. A lightweight continuation car, S 851001, which brought $1,050,000. An old friend, XKD 530, did not find a new  owner that night.


The vintage racing at WeatherTech Racing Laguna Seca was ground pounding excitement as usual. Several XKs participated but the most interesting car to me was a newly construction low-drag E-type which had just been finished but was not race ready. The recreation was truly stunning and should bring pleasure to fans and owner alike when it hits the track. One garage exemplified all things Laguna Seca.


A race worn E-type stood bloodied but unbowed beside an impeccable road car, ready to take the owner and his wife to dinner in Carmel.


The best was still to come. The morning of the Concours d’Elegance was surprisingly warm compared to expectations. Several Jaguars took the field to honor our favorite marque. The old Jaguar press car, chassis 860010, was used by the factory for four years after manufacture. Now it sat in pristine condition on the field.


We happened to walk by as the judges made life miserable for the owner, but he managed to hold his own. Two C-types made their appearance, XKC 50 was entered in the Postwar Racing Class and XKC 29 in a special class for cars that raced in the La Carrera Panamericana held from 1950-1954. In another special class, Pebble Beach Road Race winners, the XK120 OTS belonging to Mark Miller of San Francisco, chassis 670138, was displayed as the winner of the very first Pebble Beach race.


Unfortunately, none of the Jaguars won awards this year.


In my opinion this was the best show ever. A special group of past Best in Show cars lined Stillwater Cove, a spectacular setting with some of the most valuable cars ever built, was something to ponder. As well, Lamborghini Countach was featured, including the very first car produced, Porsche 917 had an equally impressive showing and Ferrari had several classes of interesting cars.


Ferrari also staged a gathering outside the main show near the first tee that featured thirty new SP2 cars alongside other cars just as impressive as the ones inside the ropes. Even the prototype cars impressed on the putting green nearby.


The week was even nicer considering I was accompanied by my grand-daughter, Julia, a recent graduate of NYU film school, who ably covered the photography. This year’s show will be hard to beat but I was already dreaming of next year on the drive home.