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THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN, or how can you get lost on a one lane road

Nick Berger | Published on 8/9/2021

Being cooped up at home due to a flooded 1st floor I needed to get out and drive my E type.  So a few days before July 25 I mentioned to Shauna that we should go on the Glendora Canyon Rally. Know my propensity for getting unbelievably lost on Marks Rallies, she quipped really??  Well, the Jag people are always fun to hang out with and we haven't seen them for over a month so my counter was Its a 1 lane each way ridge road so how lost can you get? Well, we wake up Sunday morning about 6 AM and head out to our kickoff location. When we get there, I blow past the driveway, a sign of things to come? When we take off, I figure I do my usual trick of following someone that looks like they know where they are going, that worked for about 15 minutes until other non-Jags got between us and the Jag we were following. With a bit more throttle we catch up to the pack and reach Glendora Ridge Road.   I look at my wife who has a death grip on the chicken stick and say, "one lane each way, how bad can it be"? Bad question since I am driving a 68 E type Coupe, 4 speed, no AC, and no GPS. Still one lane, right? and then we hit the1st anomaly, rally directions say make a left, which has you going over a cliff! Decision time- are the directions wrong or are we going east when we should be going west? Well here comes a convoy of Jags, so we tuck in behind them good idea, except for the fact that the lead car was also lost, but as the cliché goes misery loves...... By now my left leg is sore from pushing in the clutch and we are about to get heat stroke. Starting to think this might be a good time to bail but all of sudden here comes Mark in his red XJS with one of those airports "FOLOW ME signs, so since I don't have a clue to even know which direction, I have to go to bail out I decide to follow Mark until he takes off on another rescue mission and now lost again. Finally, Crystal Lake and lunch. We spend an hour or more eating and catching up until it’s time to head home.

When we finally pull into our garage and go inside, we sit down knock back a bourbon I turn to Shauna and remark, "if I ever get the bright idea to do this again take my keys and don't give them back until I come to my senses."