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Ahhhh…The Finer Things in Life….

Charles Anton | Published on 7/26/2020

Finer Things In Life

Ask anyone who knows me if I enjoy some of the finer material things in life and they will tell you.  I have been busy with other tasks for the last few weeks.  The Jaguar has been sitting the whole time.  Before Melody found this car in 12/2012, I had tested a couple of RR Silver Shadows, but they were just a few thousand quid out of reach.  We bought this car after one test drive and drove it 80 miles home.


I remember thinking about being surrounded in Connelly leather, a V-12, perfect color, cold A/C, sexy GT coupe, etc.  I took it to the Muck in 2013 and Mike Zavos could see I was all grins.  I could not believe I could be in possession of one of the finer things in life…a $61,000 car (1992 dollars).  He said I was on the honeymoon and “see me in a year or so when the honeymoon ended.”


It’s almost 8 years later and….HA…the honeymoon has not ended.

After three weeks of rest, I decided to enjoy one of the “finer things in life”.  I got up on a Saturday, put on my Top Man shirt, shorts from a C&A in Toulouse, FR, buckled on a Movado watch, and slipped on my Heyraud (Paris France) loafers.  Now I was ready to cruise Newport Beach to Laguna with all the other fancy cars.  The A/C blasting, Niagra blasting in French on the CD going (are paying attention Maurice and Alexa?), cruising CdM to Laguna with Fiat 124’s, Ford Cortina’s, a 2020 Toyota Supra (super cool car), two Ferrari’s, a Sunbeam Tiger, and on and on.  There is nothing like taking an old Jag out with this crowd on a Pacific coast scenic road.  I even saw a few Porsche 356’s.  What a scene and I cannot think of a better way to enjoy one of the finer things in life than this.  I called Mark and was all smiles as I told him about the drive.  Hmmmph…Turns out he was also enjoying himself on the same road at the same time.  I just didn’t know it.  At least I didn’t wake him up!


So…If you are like me and you like to just feel like a million bucks without spending a fortune…maybe surround yourself with top notch sexy luxury and want some crackin’ motor at your foot, consider an XJS or even an XKR.  Do not forget to dress for the occasion.  That is half the fun!