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The Need for Speed?

Mark Mayuga and Donte Neal | Published on 6/25/2020

The Need for Speed

The Need for Speed?

          Well, that is an interesting question indeed especially in this day of catalytic converters, emissions controls, CAFÉ fuel averages, and crash safety. But you know, we gearheads are clever blokes! In 1968 when the USA EPA and Department of Transportation issued guidelines on automobile safety and emissions standards, we all thought that was the end of performance in cars, period. Unleaded fuels, catalytic converters, and 5MPH bumpers became the norm and we saw our favorite cars de-tuned to comply with this new standard. Sad but true, we lost a generation of cars that had the spirit and stuffing knocked out of them. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE, automotive engineers and gearheads weren’t going to take this final insult to heart, they rolled up their sleeves, warmed up their slide rules and started to recover some of that lost performance and design style. 


          Once they figured out that the EPA STANDARDS (SMOG REGS) were a moving target, they decided to design systems that could easily adapt as those bureaucrats kept changing the rules of the game. FUEL INJECTION was the most important single system to improve the performance of a car. It allowed better gasoline metering, fuel consumption, and enhanced electronic ignition systems. Fast forward to today, we are driving automobiles that are more powerful, using considerably less fuel, safer, faster, and cleaner running than ever before. So, what is the future looking like, how do you gild the lily, well Donte Neal (JOCLA Membership Chairman) asked that question and created the answer. Here is his account of how he took his XF-SC and made it a little bit better:


“For the past 14 months I have only talked about wanting to improve my 2013 XF-SC Portfolio Edition Sedan. After driving the car a while, I became accustomed and bit bored with its 340BHP and 332 ft/lbs. of torque. The supercharged 3.0L engine is a smooth unit, but as a true Jag lover I was looking for a bit more pep. I decided to research how I could improve the look and performance without sacrificing the classic design and ride of the car.


          So, after much research and networking, I decided to work with the MINA GALLERY in Reseda, San Fernando Valley. The MINA GALLERY (2003), (1976) was Jaguar Extreme Performance, this was a father and son owned business, Chris, and Rene Minassian, were old hands at working on performance upgrades to Jaguars and Land Rovers. I decided to make mild performance upgrades. MINA GALLERY has all the go-quick goodies and enhancement kits you could wish for. They installed the factory “BLACK PAK” and air intake grills, added a OEM rear diffuser, installed the OEM rear spoiler, custom XF racing pedals, new custom quad SS exhaust system, new open air intake system, and smaller supercharger pulley for more boost.


          Next, I took the car to OE TUNING in Santa Ana where Jerry has been tuning all sorts of exotic and everyday cars to extract their maximum performance without compromising their drivability. They put my car on their running dynamometer and started the reprograming process. After a few hours of runs and evaluations, the reprogrammed Electronic Control Module produced a net gain of 75 BHP and 58 ft/lbs. of torque. I now have 415 BHP and 390 ft/lbs. of torque. When I took the car out for the first time, a wide grin came over my face, and my eyes widened to see how fast I reached the next ZIP CODE. The car returns almost the same gas mileage as before but with an attitude. My challenge is to keep my foot from searching for that acceleration high you get when you have this kind of power and smoothness.


          So, the message here is not to be afraid of modifying your modern Jaguar, in Europe they enjoy these cars as they were designed to look and perform. I just brought my car up to EURO performance and boy is it fun!


Cheers, Donte Neal, Membership Chairman and Jaguar pilot, LOL


MINA GALLERY for parts, services, performance, (818) 342-0273, email:


OE TUNING for ECM upgrades, (818) 574-5075, email: