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A Glorious Event!

Published on 11/7/2019


A Glorious Event - Morro Bay

Let it not be said that the Jaguar Owners Club is shy on events. Once again dear friends, JOCLA leaped into the breach and produced a wonderful event in MORRO BAY. Let’s back­up, two years ago your president, Mark Mayuga, revived the CAL CLUBS REUNION 2017 in the SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK, staying in the charming town of THREE RIVERS and enjoying the hospitality of the historic “LAZY J” Ranch motel. Fast forward to 2019, Dorothy and Howard Smith, JAG San Francisco, were starting to plan the next REUNION, Howard became ill with cancer and Dorothy had to transfer the organizing responsibilities to someone, enter the JOCLA and Mark Mayuga.

Coming off the successful IJF Santa Barbara 2019, Mark embarked on organizing the Reunion. With help from Glen Barker (JOC & JAG), Tom Meinhold (JOC), Clive Collins (new owner of XKS MOTORSPORT) and MOTHER NATURE the team started to organize the event. The event planning included several receptions, the San Luis Obispo Farmers Market, touring the HEARST CASTLE, a scenic rally/tour to the historic POZO SALOON, a dinner on the waterfront, seafood restaurants, and a terrific wine and cheese spread hosted by the San Francisco Club rounded out this low­key relaxing event. Just fun with other Jag owners, talking cars, grandchildren, past events, making new friends, “what ever happened to so and so”, that kind of stuff. In attendance were members from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Sacramento, Fresno, Monterey, and San Francisco. Les Hamilton, JCNA President was also in attendance just back from the UK too.

On Thursday night we were treated to a cocktail party hosted by Tom Meinhold and British Motor Sports, repair and restoration shop in SLO, right next door to the SLO Farmers Market, the display of cars was a step back in British Motor History, Ford Cortina, Lotus, Morgan, MG, ASTON MARTIN, Land Rover, and Jaguar were well represented. Friday saw the gang going to the HEARST CASTLE for a variety of tours, then lunch at the historic “RAGGED POINT INN” where you could enjoy inside or outside dining with terrific views of the ragged California Coast. That afternoon we were given a tour of the revamped XKS MOTORSPORT facility (formally XKS’s UNLIMITED) Clive Collin’s the new owner took us on an informative tour of the facility and in detail described the difference and skills required to restore Jaguar’s and their idiosyncrasies. We wish Clive and his Staff good luck as they seem to want to make a difference and be the standard in Jaguar restorations, I think they will succeed!

That evening we all gathered at the “DOCKSIDE” restaurant on the dock and enjoyed fresh seafood under a glorious balmy evening with a sunset that the chamber of commerce ordered! Saturday started with a TDS RALLY/Scenic Tour to the historic “POZO SALOON”, a Butterfield Stagecoach stop along the way to Monterey. The route included some great driving roads, high speeds, twisty bits, and tree covered segments. The food and the location were idyllic, good BBQ, friendly service, and lots of history to review. The trip back to MORRO BAY was just as spirited. That evening we had a wine and cheese reception at the hotel (thank you JAG) then off to “DORN’S” for seafood/prime rib or “Di Stasio’s” for Italian food. The gang was pretty much split 50/50. That was the farewell dinner and the choice of restaurants made the event even more cozy. Good food, good service, great friends and memories. We had over 70 folks join in the event with close to 40 cars in attendance. We’re starting to plan for 2021 not sure where it will be, PISMO BEACH, AVILA BEACH, SEQUOIA, SAN LUIS OBISPO were all mentioned. Well, in any event, the REUNION was a success, new and old members enjoyed themselves, MOTHER NATURE cooperated, thanks to XKS MOTORSPORT, BRITISH MOTOR SPORTS, MOSS MOTORS, the SAN MARCOS INN and to Glen Barker, Tom Meinhold, and Clive Collins for their efforts and generosity of their time.

Cheers, Mark Mayuga, Cal Clubs Reunion Chairman