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Jags 'n' Jam A Great Success!

Published on 9/10/2019

Jags ‘n’ Jam in Tustin, Orange County was a pleasant outing.  What a beautiful day to stretch the legs of our 1992 XJS Coupe.  That V-12 really get going on the freeway.  The best part---only 15 minutes drive from Placentia, 95% freeway.  Thanks to Mark for suggesting this location.  I got this idea for Jags ‘n’ Jam when my mom and I started going out for breakfast on Saturday mornings.  I did not want to make a meal and clean up on a Saturday after a long week working.  My mom does not drive on freeways at all, period.  So, it was perfect for both of us.


Then I thought that there must be others like us who want to drive their Jags but not risk longer distance driving on freeways.  I want to be able to enjoy the drive without long drives with crazy drivers everywhere.  So, I suggested this to Mark, Tom/Elaine Henderson, and Jim Friel and Jags ‘n’ Jam was born.  I talked to Mona at Mimi’s and everything else fell into place.  After a 20-minute drive (perfect!), all of us ate breakfast from a fantastic menu.  The pancakes with strawberries and blueberries were great.  A couple of Bloody Mary’s and a few Mimosas for other folks and we all just chatted right up until 10:30. The last-minute remodel will only last two weeks.  The staff gave us our own room and staff.  I am looking forward to the next Jag’s ‘n’ Jam.  This will occur Saturday 11/2.  The parking will be even better.  I just parked in the back.  It was the only car back there.


Merci Beaucoup to all those who came out or supported this event through advertising or other methods.  See you next time!


Charles Anton

Club photographer