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JOC visits the Funari Collection with a Surprise Bonus at the End

Published on 5/7/2019

Funari Collection

In Long Beach, off a main road down a side road into a dead end, there are several non-descript warehouses with treasurers within. On January 12th, 2019 a limited number of JOC members were treated to a visit to the collection of Robert and Pam Funari. Bob and Pam have been long time members of JOCLA (and many other automobile clubs). Upon arrival, members viewed the collection of cars, as well as a car lover’s washroom and a library. The collection of cars was rather eclectic, containing many unusual cars (including a beautiful BRG Jaguar XKE) and many others, original or modified, primarily European high-performance sports cars from the 1960’s onward.

After everyone had time to see and chat about the collection, Bob led a guided tour of each of the cars indicating specifications and some of the reasons that this car was in his collection.

More time to talk and observe these cars and then an unanticipated event occurred. One of the other nearby warehouses also contained a collection of cars of a different type. And we were invited to observe this collection! The cars were entirely American cars, some pre-war cars and cars from post war up to roughly the 1960’s.

There were several Lincolns, Cadillacs, Packard’s, a Duesenberg and quite a few others: All, of course, in showroom condition. Not entirely what we expected but then we didn’t know what to expect as we walked to the second warehouse. Between the two exhibits, we were able to see a wide variety of the best of European and American cars from the last Century: Quite a treat.

Our thanks are due to both Pam and Bob for allowing some of our Club members into the inner sanctum. There was a waiting list for other members who would have liked to be able to visit the collection. Perhaps another visit might be scheduled at some future time.