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Published on 5/7/2019

The Jaguar Clubs of North America had its annual business meeting on March 21-24, JLR HQ., Mahwah NJ.


The AGM (Annual General Meeting) is an opportunity for all JCNA Jaguar Clubs in North America to come together and discuss, share, update, and propose new ideas and ways to promote membership recruitment and retention; evaluate the JCNA Concours Program; discuss Concours Judging criteria; make suggestions on participation in JCNA RALLY and SLALOM programs; and improve the communications between Clubs within the JCNA Regions.


Also, a new President and Vice President were elected as well as Regional Directors were confirmed. Last year’s President, Jack Humphrey had to step down for personal reasons and VP Barbara Grayson took the position of acting President until the AGM. This year the new JCNA President is our very own Les Hamilton from the JAGUAR ASSOCIATE GROUP of the Bay Area. Les has been serving as South West Regional Representative for the past year. Mike Meyer from the Jaguar Club of Ohio was elected Vice President taking over from Barbara Grayson. Mark Mayuga was appointed South West Regional Representative by President Jack Humphrey when Jack step down as JCNA President and South West Regional Representative.


Pete Reith, SDJC, was appointed to the Jaguar Rules Concours Committee on my recommendation to the Rules Chairman. Mark Mayuga is the only Regional Representative ever to have been appointed by a JCNA President, a great honor indeed.


This year there were many interesting reports from the various JCNA Committees having to do with Membership, Rally, Slalom, and Concours. The most controversial item was the proposed splitting of the Concours Divisions into two distinct groups, VINTAGE and MODERN CARS. The ideas were to create a different Judging criterion for the MODERN CARS which have less areas to be judged and authenticity was not really an issue. The presentations were made, then the fireworks began, and the issues were returned to the Chief Judge and Rule Committee for further study, it got a bit steamy in the room from the comments and differing opinions.


The other Committees that heard a lot of comments were the MEMBERSHIP Committee, of which I am Chairman, and the IJF COMMITTEE, again I am Chairman of that committee too. There was much discussion that centered on how JCNA could help local clubs recruit new members and retain current membership, new ideas were presented in the committee report and many clubs were happy to see new approaches and ideas. The Executive Committee also asked me to serve as Chairman of the IJF Event Committee, based on our successful event in 2018. I submitted two articles to the Jag Journal which are in publication and will become the official guide for clubs that want to put on an IJF or major regional event. JOCLA is making a difference at JCNA once again. There is more to report once the Secretary publishes the minutes of the meeting, this was just a quick report to let you know about the more important items.


Cheers, Mark Mayuga, JOCLA President, South West Regional Representative Chairman, JCNA Membership Committee and IJF Committee