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“Go Green Rally” Recap

Published on 5/7/2019


Go Green Rally

On a sunny and warm St Patrick’s Day 17 JOCLA drivers and 17 navigators met at the General Porpoise Donut shop in Pacific Palisades to check-in and begin a 36.5 mile 90 minute rally through the Hollywood Hills, part of the Cahuenga Pass and ending up at the Original Philippe’s near Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles for a lunch of Philippe’s famous beef (or lamb, pastrami or turkey) dip sandwiches. Participating Jaguars ranged from F-Type Rs to a Mark IX sedan; with a spread of XKs, XKRs XK8s, XFs, XJs and E-types in the middle along with an Alfa Romeo. A good time was had by all, maybe except for Charlie Hallums and Elena Browdy. Charlie’s XKR OTS sprung a leak enroute to Pacific Palisades and had to be towed home. Elena’s 2000 XKR didn’t make it out of the driveway due to brake issues. So she brought her Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Charlie became her navigator.


The top three finishers were 1st, Team Friel, 24.30 avg spd., 2nd Team Hinkley, 24.40 avg. spd., 3rd Team Evans, 24.125. The actual average speed was 24.330. For a complete listing as to how everybody did see the tally sheet below. The route of the rally itself began on Sunset Blvd West End, followed Bellagio Rd, Roscomare Rd, Mulholland Dr, Benedict Canyon, Sunset Blvd East End, Alameda, Union Station, you get the idea, up and down through Brentwood, Westwood, Hollywood Hills ending up at Cahuenga Blvd and the 101 Freeway and onto Downtown Los Angeles.


This Rally was a sanctioned JCNA Time, Distance, Speed Rally, this type of rally is a test between navigator and driver on how well they communicate and do simple time-keeping and math. The speeds are dictated by the posted speed limit signs and instructions are very explicate, any deviation from what’s written and you’re lost. This year we are going to have several of these types of driving events, Palos Verdes, Moro Bay, Paso Robles, Riverside County just to mention a few locations. More of the members have requested driving events with a social event afterwards and this event was our kick-off for 2019. Based on the laughing and tall stories and excuses heard, I think these events will become popular again. Ralph Gidwitz did a great job selecting the route and writing the Rally instructions, everyone made it to Philippe’s, and we all had a great time. Come and join-in next June when we have another Rally to the Planes of Fame Museum Tour and Mission Inn Riverside for lunch too! Thank You Ralph, good job! Now if we just can hear from that one last member who is still out there!