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From The President

Published on 8/15/2018

August is here and the beginning of the hot season.  A famous local weatherman once said he had the best job in the world.  He was the weatherman in a place with no weather.  Well, we do have weather now-extreme heat in Southern Cal.  and fires in the Santa Barbara area once again.  This may be a good time to check your antifreeze level (does antifreeze make sense in this context?) and your cooling system in general, especially if you have an old Jag.


The fires in Santa Barbara are never good news but of special concern to us as we look forward to the IJF.  The reality is that by November we will be more concerned with the possibility of rains and the aftermath of rains rather than heat.  But we remain optimistic that the weather will be good, certainly in the beach area and that we can make any changes in our plans if necessary.


We still have two months to go before the Festival, so let me remind you of upcoming dates.


One last important date this month.


As of July 20th Highway 1 will be open in both directions.  This is important information for all motorists who love to travel this world famous road through the Big Sur and on to Monterey and points north.


In November, many of us will be in Santa Barbara for the IJF.  This event ends on Saturday morning November 3rd.  Might it be possible to continue the fun by heading North into part or all of this road? Something to think about.  For many of our friends attending the IJF from the North, this will be a terrific ad on to the Festival.


August is typically a slow month for the club since many people are on vacation and/or attending the world famous Comcours in Pebble Beach.


Nonetheless, we have planned a club outing on the 19th of August at the Enderle Center 20th Annual Car Show.  More information is available in this Newsletter.


More to come this year but more on that later.  One last reminder-if you haven’t signed up yet for the IJF yet, don’t wait too long.  Sign ups continue to grow and some of the activities have a limited number of people we can accommodate.


Enjoy your club and your car.