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Published on 6/21/2018


Petersen Museum 200806

The International Jaguar Festival in Santa Barbara is coming up this fall.


The kick-off event is a private JOC tour of the Petersen Museum’s Vault and dinner, sponsored by yours truly and Heacock Classic Car Insurance.


In advance of the big party, I thought I would drop in to the Petersen to see their Jaguar inventory.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get into the Vault on this day, so I took my time meandering through the museum.  There is something for everyone.


The way the Petersen is designed, you really get to see everything as you wander through three stories of cars including a fabulous display of Porsche’s including a lighted display showing the iconic 911 silhouette from its origins in 1965 through today’s model.  The Ferrari room…yes, a room….


was sensory overload as it is jammed with a number of priceless rosso corsa street and race cars.


But the reason I was there were all things British Racing Green.  I did find what I was looking for starting with THE Steve McQueen XKSS.


This car is owned by the Museum and does make its way around town in various exhibitions and shows, but you have to see the car in person to understand its dimensions; it’s tiny.  I literally stood a foot away from the aluminum coachwork.  I can assure you that traveling flat out in this car was not for the faint of heart.


Also on display was a 1937 SS 100 which had a top speed of 111mph which was unheard of.  Most significantly, the Jaguar leaper was introduced as a radiator mascot on this model; a winning styling cue that still exists today.


Finally, we I found the iconic 1992 XJ220.  The Fastest Production Car in the World, the 220 ran 217mph.


Finished in a deep metallic blue, this example looked new.  In fact, it still wears its original tires.  The XJ220 cost in excess of $580k when new, and you can buy one for slightly less than that today.  It should be on any serious Jaguar collectors list.


Please contact Mark Mayuga to RSVP for the Vault Tour and Dinner.  It will be a great evening and there’s only 100 spots.  Act now.