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Visiting Steve’s Jaguar in Canoga Park

Published on 6/21/2018


Steves Jaguar June 2018

I thought I would share some photos from Steve’s Jaguar in Canoga Park.  Not only do they take care of my S-Type R, they are also a long-time advertiser in the Tales.  I send my friends and clients to him, and they are always treated well.


Just last month, I referred Mel Friedman over to Steve when the power steering on his perfect Mark 2 went out.  Fearing that a complete steering box rebuild was in order, Mel braced for the worst.  But Steve told him to check the filter in the power steering reservoir first.  It turns out Mel’s Mark 2 still had the original filter from 1967! The filter was less than the cost of the tow! Dropping by the shop is always a treat for a Jaguar enthusiast.


There are usually a couple of vintage Jaguars in various stages of restoration as well as a number of late model Jaguars being serviced.


On one side of the shop, Dave was reassembling a 1961 E type FHC finished in a gorgeous shade of light metallic blue and on the other side of the shop, Brian was repairing a window motor in an XK8.


Brian was pleased that he found a short in the door harness, which was repaired with a known good harness.  This saved the owner from buying a new window motor that he didn’t need.  As Brian says, “We don’t take a shot gun approach.  We find out exactly what the problem is before we order parts.” Hope you enjoy the photos and if you have a moment, swing by to see Steve and the boys.