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Bucket List

Published on 4/15/2018

Hello fellow JOC Members, As many of you may have heard, I am leaving for a six month “sabbatical” in England in a few weeks. The XK150 is already on the water and will be there when I arrive. I have rented a cottage in the Cotswold’s (sheep and wool country) and am looking forward to attending a number of Jaguar Club events over the summer as well as the vintage races at Silverstone and Goodwood.


I have a couple of multi-day tours booked and have also signed up to visit the Jaguar Classic Works facility near Coventry. That is where Jaguar is producing the missing lightweight E-Types and other special historic vehicles. It’s also where Jaguar is housing the huge collection of vintage cars they purchased a couple of year back.


While I can’t honestly say “wish you were here” to all three hundred of you, I can invite you to join some of my adventures online. To that end I have set up a blog site, , where I will from time to time be posting my experiences. There are already a few posts on the site. While you do not have to sign up to view the site, if you do, you will receive an email with a link each time there is a new post.


See you on the internet! Steve Kirby